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Conflict Management

1 day

What you will learn:

  • Elements of a conflict
  • Difficult people
  • Understanding different personalities
  • Identify different working styles
  • How to stay calm
  • Changing behavior
  • Communication skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Addressing hostility and aggression
  • Words which de-escalate
  • Giving and receiving criticism
  • Strategies for conflict resolution
  • Case studies

Training Overview:

Learning the skills, you need to identify analysis and manage conflict.

This conflict management training focuses on communication skills and self-awareness that are integral in improving the quality of our work environment. Communication breakdowns resulting from misperceptions and the differences in working styles and approaches often predominantly occupy our attention. The training will also explore the different conflict management strategies describing the corresponding trade-offs, and their appropriate usage in different situations.


Who should attend:

This training is aimed at business professionals, (managers and non-managers), at all levels in the organisation who would like to improve their own performance by managing the way they engage in and manage conflict situations.