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Negotiation Skills

2 days

What you will learn:

  • Distributive/Integrative negotiation
  • Attitudes, beliefs and behaviour
  • Four phases of a negotiation
  • Prepare- Debate- Propose-Bargain
  • Red, blue and purple styles
  • Harvard model of principled negotiation
  • ZOPA
  • Framing and Anchoring
  • Building Trust
  • Overcoming barriers to agreement
  • Appropriate language for international negotiations

Training Overview:

“In a successful negotiation, everybody wins.”

Everybody in business negotiates not only purchasing and sales managers, but also project managers, engineers and department heads. Successful negotiation involves understanding the needs and interests of your partner and developing solutions which meet those needs without compromising on issues that are of critical importance to you and your organisation. This is not easy, especially when negotiating under time pressure, across organisational and national cultures, this task becomes even more challenging. The central objective of this training is to enable you to plan and negotiate effectively to create results that mutually benefit all parties involved.

Who should attend:

This training is aimed at business professionals at all levels in the organisation who lead and participate in negotiations.